Harry L. Mills, Ph.D. and Joyce R. Mills, M.S. and M.Ed.

Licensed Psychologist and Psychological Examiner

State of Tennessee

Dr. Mills, has 30 years experience as  a healthcare executive, an author, psychologist, consultant, and educator. His graduate training was obtained at Tulane, in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at University of Mississippi Medical School, and the University of Southern Mississippi where he obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology.  He conducted basic research on the stress response. His dissertation involved investigating one of the key hypotheses of  cognitive theory.  Dr. Mills completed an internship specializing in behavioral medicine and pediatric psychology, is licensed in Florida and Tennessee and had faculty affiliations with Ole Miss Medical School, Southern Mississippi, and Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Mills has 35 years experience with programs for children. He began working with impoverished children in the Mississippi delta country as part of the University of Mississippi Medical School's Delta Health Project. He worked with Harrison County Family Court, Mobile Youth Center and Mobile Mental Health as a Child Specialist. He was a Department Coordinator at the Huntsville Madison County Mental Health Center and then Clinical Director at the Dede Wallace Center, which has some of the best child programs in the country. 

Dr. Mills is author of chapters and articles on topics ranging from anxiety disorders to preventive healthcare programs. Most recently, he contributed a chapter on treatment of childhood anxiety disorders for a book published by Sage Press. He currently has a number of writing projects including a workbook on stress and a book on disease management in behavioral health. He has a strong interested in development of outcomes management models of care management.

Dr. Mills has a faculty appointment at the University of Central Florida where he teaches mental health management with a focus on services to children.

Joyce R. Mills has over thirty years experience in development of learning programs for children, adults and seniors. She obtained a Masters of Science degree, with emphasis on learning at Mississippi State University and a Master of Education degree from University of South Alabama with specialization in learning styles. She is a Licensed Psychological Examiner in the state of Tennessee and was certified in 1993 as a Behavioral Analyst in the State of Florida. Ms. Mills was with the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of Mississippi Medical School, developed learning programs for Harrison County Family Court, worked with seniors at the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center and developed academic achievement programs for Barbara Gregg Associates in Nashville, Tennessee. She is skilled in assessment of children of all ages.

Ms. Mills has a long standing interest in learning styles and the unique was that people of all ages learn and how to best design programs to make the best use of styles. Interest in early childhood development led to her becoming a Montessori teacher and she worked at the Montessori School in Nashville Tennessee for a number of years.

She has been in practice with her husband, as part of Mills Associates, for almost 20 years and co-authored Well Wise Ways, a comprehensive wellness program. Her long interest in health promotion has led her to develop programs for smoking and nutrition and to teach fitness to children and adults.

Dr. Mills lives currently in Orlando, Florida, with Joyce, his wife of twenty-eight years, and their daughters Candice, who is at Yale to studying for her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and Courtney, who is a gifted dancer and choreographer who attends Florida State University majoring in psychology. They live in Forest Edge in Altamonte Springs with a dog named Pharaoh, who still loves to play fetch although almost completely blind needs a seeing eye human, and a bird that barks back at the dog.

Dr Mills can be reached through his Email address: hmills@optimums.com

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