Harry L. Mills, Ph.D. and Joyce Mills, M.S.,M.Ed. 
 Thoreau said it well enough when he said: "I went to the woods because I wished  to  live deliberately ... and not when I came to die,  discover that I had not lived." Anxiety is a danger signal that we all have. It can lead to preparation and can save our lives. When we are anxious that seizes our attention. It can misfire and dominate  our lives. We can miss out on living. The key is learning to manage it. That is what this program is all about.
For a number of years I worked with the psychological aspects of chronic illness. In the 1980s half my practice was with MS. As with other CI stress was a major issue. In seeking models that would work I discovered a program at Mass General in Boston called Mindfulness Based Stress Rduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn and was amazed at the success. It is now used all over the world. This program is based on that well tested program.
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